Här kommer texten till en Squaredans sång. Melodin får ni hitta på själva.

Square Dance Junkee - Lyrics by Rhoda Daniel, © 1992 

I love to dance and sing,
Do-si-do and weave the ring.
I love the sexy highland fling,
And the times we whirl and swing,
Doin' our square dance thing.

I'm a square dance junkee!
I love dancin' ev'ry where.
I'm a square dance junkee!
When I dance I ain't got a care.
I make friends in every square.

Allemand left and spin the top,
Promenade and don't you stop,
Ferris wheel - coordinate,
Cloverleaf and separate,
Hurry and don't be late.


Roll away with a half sashay,
Calls are ordered in a thousand ways,
Double star through and horseshoe turn,
Chain across and courtesy turn,
So many new calls to learn.