Utlärda danser höst 2013 - Crazy Flutters

Nybörjare - First   Next Step   Improver   Novice   Intermediate
Söndagar 16:45-18:15   Torsdagar 18:30-20:10   Söndag 14:45-16:15   Torsdag 18:30-20:10   Söndag 18:30-20:00
California FreezeVideoplay   Kiss Me Quick Videoplay   You Complete MeVideoplay   Kiss Me QuickVideoplay   Liquid LunchVideoplay
Basic HeelVideoplay   Black CoffeeVideoplay   Combine Harvester GrooveVideoplay   Ooh La LaVideoplay   TrespassingVideoplay
Lindi ShuffleVideoplay   CloserVideoplay   Pick A BaleVideoplay   Shake The RoomVideoplay   Dream West Videoplay
Country Walkin'Videoplay   Demon Kitty RagVideoplay   Give It A GoVideoplay   OliviaVideoplay   You're The ReasonVideoplay
Amor de RumbaVideoplay   Imelda's WayVideoplay   Imelda's WayVideoplay   Faking ItVideoplay   Dreams I DreamVideoplay
Cowboy Charleston Videoplay   Sweet Sweet SmileVideoplay   You Got That ThangVideoplay   Imelda's WayVideoplay   Let's PrayVideoplay
Love TrickVideoplay   Not EnoughVideoplay   TogetherVideoplay   The FluteVideoplay   S.O.B.Videoplay
Driftaway Cha ChaVideoplay   Got My Baby BackVideoplay   Demon Kitty RagVideoplay   Dream LoverVideoplay   Be My Baby NowVideoplay
Fun In The SunVideoplay       Dog River BluesVideoplay       Stuff You Gotta Watch Videoplay
Pop da BootyVideoplay       Beyond The BlueVideoplay       Detroit CityVideoplay
I Like BeerVideoplay       A Happy Little Cowboy       Sea WaltzVideoplay
Within Easy ReachVideoplay       Higher & HigherVideoplay       Dream LoverVideoplay
Honky Tonk SwingVideoplay       Got My Baby BackVideoplay       Pride In MeVideoplay
Ghost TrainVideoplay               Give Me YouVideoplay


Utlärda danser vår 2013 - Crazy Flutters

Nybörjare - forts   Improver   Novice   Intermediate
Torsdag 18:30-20:10   Söndag 16:00-17:30   Torsdag 18:30-20:10   Söndag 18:00-19:45
Ghost TrainVideoplay   Cry Cry CryVideoplay   Take A BreatherVideoplay   Outta ControlVideoplay
Amor De RumbaVideoplay   HoneyVideoplay   Swing Thing-A-LingVideoplay   Oh MamaVideoplay
Country 2 StepVideoplay   Flower BudVideoplay   Wagon Wheel Rock Videoplay   Swing Thing-A-LingVideoplay
Live Laugh LoveVideoplay   It's Up To YouVideoplay   HoneyVideoplay   ReflectionVideoplay
Irish StewVideoplay   Walking AwayVideoplay   Judy Likes To RockVideoplay   HumanisedVideoplay
I Saw Linda YesterdayVideoplay   Amor de RumbaVideoplay   And Then What?Videoplay   Wine After WhiskeyVideoplay
Tush PushVideoplay   The Blarney RosesVideoplay   Fire On The MountainVideoplay   New Years NightVideoplay
That's Where I BelongVideoplay   Badda Boom Badda BangVideoplay   Lovin' You Is Fun Videoplay   Kitty CatVideoplay
Come Dance With MeVideoplay   Old FlamesVideoplay   Mexi FestVideoplay   Tango de PasionVideoplay
This And ThatVideoplay   The King & IVideoplay   Give It A GoVideoplay   Voodoo JiveVideoplay
Chica Boom BoomVideoplay   Shout ShoutVideoplay   Let It Be LoveVideoplay   Lovin' You Is FunVideoplay
            Love Is The DrugVideoplay
            Fire On The MountainVideoplay
            Over TimeVideoplay
            Love Is EasyVideoplay
            Through The LensVideoplay


Utlärda danser höst 2012 - Crazy Flutters

Nybörjare   Improver   Novice   Intermediate
Torsdag 18:30-20:10   Söndag 16:00-17:30   Torsdag 18:30-20:10   Söndag 18:00-19:45
Country As Can Be Videoplay            
Lindi Shuffle Videoplay            
Country Walkin' Videoplay          
Shore Thing Videoplay          
Cowboy Charleston Videoplay
Mini Mariana Videoplay            
Strait Talkin' Videoplay            
Within Easy Reach Videoplay          
Driftaway Cha Cha Videoplay            
Peaches & Cream Videoplay            
Pop Da Booty Videoplay            
6-8-12 Videoplay            
Ice Breaker Videoplay