Square Dance Nytt april 2014


Du har väl redan bokat in Swedish Square Dance Convention 2014

Fredag-söndag 9-11 maj 2014 

6-8 juni 2014

  Välkomment till Crazy Dance Weekend i maj 2014. Det blir Square Dance fredag-söndag med JERRY JESTIN och JESPER WILHELMSSON!
 Fredag 19-22: B M B P (Jerry)
Lördag 15-18: C1 (Jerry) / A1 A2 (Jesper)
Lördag 19-22: C2 (Jesper) / A1 A2 (Jerry)
Söndag 15-19: PLUS (Jerry)
20140509 11 CDW - Square Dance

Convention 2014 nästa år är i Västerås. Du reserverar väl redan nu dessa datum i din almanacka.

Convention varos2014 




 Dear Square Dancer

The sign up for the European Convention is in full swing.

There are lots of bookings coming in. We have recieved sign-ups from 10 different countries (Germany, Sweden, England, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Norway, France, and of course Denmark). Many of 
those who wish to stay overnight have already booked space at our camping site to make sure they have a place to stay, while others have booked rooms at the hotels in the area.

Remember that signing up and paying before the 1st of May is at a reduced price.

Flyer: www.euroconvention2014.dk/pdf-files/Flyer%205%20sider%20-%20Euroconvention.pdf

 Information: www.euroconvention2014.dk

 Contact: Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen

  We look forward to welcome dancers from all over the world.

Best regards
Hedens Squaredansere
Ikast, Denmark



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