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bootsandsquaresSquare-, round- and line dancing in the north Stockholm area, close to the international airport of Arlanda.

Located in the city of Märsta, north of the Swedish capital Stockholm. We are close to the international airport of Arlanda, so it is a perfect place to stop when you arriving och leaving Sweden. Close to Märsta is the oldest town in Sweden, named Sigtuna. For a thousand years ago, the Vikings roamed the waters, and traded goods with the east.


Maersta is a perfect place for excursions both to the cpaital of Stockholm, and to the forth city in Sweden, the university town of Uppsala. You will also find easy ways to take a boat trip out to the archepelago of Stockholm and the the island area of Åland.

Do you want to know more about the area, go to the local tourist board: http://sal.sigtuna.se/turism/en/

Square Dance is FUN! We have classes on Sundays during September to May. We are a multilevel club: Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 and some Challenge. We have special dances two or three times during every half-year. During summertime we arrange a lot of different activites.

Line Dance is also FUN! We stomp out feet and clap our hands to country music and all the rest during the whole year. For dances we use during our teaching for the moment, will you find at our linedance page. Click on the menu "Dansbeskrivningar".

And by the way, we do some Round Dancing as well. And quess what? This is also FUN! We are one of two clubs in the Stockholm area that are active in Round Dancing. We have the same schedule as the other dance forms and we are very happy to meet you on the floor.

map_swedenPlease send us a mail and we will be very happy to meet you at our club. You can make an e-mail to the following contact persons:

Urban Danielsson  (President)

Lars Jägdahl  (Contact and Webmaster)



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